Wednesday, December 31, 2014


In void, there is nothing but death !
Heavenly death
Celestial death
Atomic death
Rebellious death
Revolutionary death
Suicidal death
And only death ...'

Monday, December 29, 2014

Love Making

Silence is unholy
So scream.
Scream, till the end
Scream When I penetrate
Scream, when I withdraw
Scream, When my teeth gives
you the marks of bondage love
Scream, when my lusty tongue
reach to your spotless spot
scream, when dark dense lava
touch your deepest core
scream till  the end –
Till I become a human being !!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Me and you

Sometime in a day I repent for my existence
Existence of my blue blooded vein
Veil , which I wore wonderfully
To hide my sharpest nails.
Nails, that I used to dig your memory of my ‘love’.

I know, ‘love’ is past for you
What is today; dark edges memory
Memory of sodomy and merciless bite
on your body, toungh, chick and perhaps in your mind
You know, I massacred you in my love
and your agony resembled my triumph !

triumph in love ??
It’s like love in hatred
life in a dead
or light of moon

My love for you -is all lie
 Truths are my veil, treachery
and urge for more and more you

You, the skinny you
you, the darkest you
you, the surrendered you
You, me and you !!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


'The nucleus is speaking'
time to inhale the poison
live with the snake
and wait for return of love
in that 'auspicious' moment
Now; stinking bodies, yellow teeth and loveless night !!!

Thursday, July 31, 2014


Dear audience,
Gaza is celebrating the death of humanity!!
and silence is expected !

Silence is expected
with each Israeli bullet piercing our Palestinian heart
with each Israeli missile flattening our homes
and till each Palestinian child become blood-less

Dear audience,
Gaza is celebrating the death of Humanity
With hundreds body counts everyday
With growing number of mother-less children
And with scattered body-parts of fellow friends

Dear audience,
Silence is expected
Because, big-brothers have told you
Silence is expected now,
Because, thousands of innocent Jews were massacred in the Nazi past
And our annihilation is, that historical necessity
to balance the equation!!

Dear audience,
A Israeli shell, thousands Israeli shells
Flowery fire from Israeli machine gun
And crashed head of a 10 year old girl
Under an Israeli tank
are just token of love.
Molded with check points,
Dead olive trees
And settlers' victory screams.

Gaza is celebrating ..
Death of its children
With your silence and a solitary Palestinian flag!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


I remain ‘unadapted’
It’s my choice
I am no way to update myself
To learn your way of killing people
I am no way to update myself
To know the tricks of being a fat beggar

You, the fascist beast
Tried to amputate my mind
Tried to say my thoughts are the product of junk ideas
Tried to prove that I am almost dead
So I must glorify myself through your worship

But I hate, worshipping any one
Except my ideas of being a free mind
And in that process
If I start killing you, no problem
If I start gaining ignorance to your pain, no problem
If I see you in despair, no problem.

Let the world see
Your adaption of new “civilization”
Has nothing but ‘bone and skin’
And it’s so weak
That your loud cry does not touch
Even a single human being.

So, I remain “unadapted”
And it’s my choice.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Against You

How can you moan moron ?
Neither I am dying out of pleasure
Nor you are getting my skin.

Flesh of me,which you possess
Nothing but my mindless body.
My open matrix is your death trap-
you the killer
will be killed by me
And the blood of you will inhale my poison.

Truth, love, beauty- these all are your faces

Here, false is more pleasant
Hate is more accurate
And ugliness is the truth of my beauty.

Look, how will I dry you up
How will your veins cry for breath
And how will I sing my song of joy
Beneath your rotten and dead sphere.

You are not more than slave of bloody white
Me, the darkest pitch
Love you but love to destroy you
hail you but hail to conspire against you
"One day or the other" lusting limb of my toung
Will suck fluids from your deadly wounds
And you, the tireless digger
Will be victim of my stainless beam.